Journey to Parenthood

I want to be purposeful about journaling during this time in our lives as we watch our miracle micro preemie, Asher, continue to grow and thrive. I began this blog during my month of bed rest at the hospital while I was pregnant with Asher and his brother Titus. We continue to hope and trust the Lord for Asher's future. This blog begins with the story of how both of our boys came to be. They came about after many tears, many prayers, and many months of crushed hopes. On February 2, 2012, our boys Titus Bauer and Asher Mark were born at just 23 weeks and 2 days gestation. My water around Titus broke at 19 weeks, so his lungs were very underdeveloped. Titus lived 45 minutes and is now living a perfect life in heaven as he watches over his little brother Asher. Two and a half years later God redeemed our story of hurt with a precious full term baby brother for Asher. We are humbled by how the Lord has loved on us in our journey through parenthood.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Asher is Home!!

"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!" (Psalm 30:11, 12 ESV)

We are beginning a new phase in our life with Asher today! Because of the Lords great mercy, our miracle boy born at 1 lb 2 oz and 17 weeks early is on his way HOME after 147 days in the nicu!! Your prayers have played a HUGE role in Asher's healing. We do not have words to express our thankfulness! We have been told again and again how amazing it is that he has done so well. We know that's all the healing power of our loving God! Please pray for him to continue to grow and stay healthy! Please pray for us as we continue to trust the Lord with Asher. We are used to knowing his heart rate, breathing rate, and how he's oxygenating and he won't be hooked up to any of that at home!

Asher will return to children's a few more times to get his esophagus stretched, so please also pray that continues to go well. He's going home with a feeding tube just in case he isn't able to eat all his food by bottle, or in case his esophagus begins to close up again. We were excited to be tube free last week, but after this weekend and the frustration of him not getting to eat- we are happy to keep that tube in for now!

Thank you again for ALL the love and prayers we've received over the last 6 months! We are forever changed, and blessed by them and by this entire journey. We will never forget the many nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, respiratory therapists, physical and speech therapists at Baylor and Children's who watched over Asher day after day. We will never forget nurse practitioners who stayed up at night worrying about Asher. You all loved on Asher like he was your own, and you were and always will be a part of Asher's family. The passion you have for your job is a tremendous blessing to the patients you serve!

We are hoping for calmer days ahead, and sweet days of loving on our baby boy at home. And we couldn't be more blessed by God's timing, today is our 4 year wedding anniversary!! Couldn't ask for a better man to be by my side in these past 6 months!

Getting in the car! 

On the way out the door! We unhooked the monitors just before this! 

Car seat..good thing I have my paci, I'm not sure about this. 

Praise the Lord, I'm home! 

My sweet friends decorated! So fun! 


  1. Praise God! I am overjoyed for your family! :-)

  2. Yes. Praise God!!1

    What a perfect anniversary gift for you two. A big CONGRATULATIONS on bringing your little man home.

    My heart leaps for joy for you!

  3. tears of joy from a complete stranger! so happy for you!!

  4. What amazing news!!! I am so happy that Asher is doing so well, such a fighter and tribute to his brother. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy every minute!

  5. I am so excited for yall! I have watched and followed your blog since you got in the hospital and prayed many days in our prayer group at work for your sweet family! SO glad Asher is finally home! All the pictures make me smile!

  6. Praise God! More tears of joy from a stranger who has been completely captivated by your story and your steadfast faith! I will continue to pray for Asher daily! God bless you all!!