Journey to Parenthood

I want to be purposeful about journaling during this time in our lives as we watch our miracle micro preemie, Asher, continue to grow and thrive. I began this blog during my month of bed rest at the hospital while I was pregnant with Asher and his brother Titus. We continue to hope and trust the Lord for Asher's future. This blog begins with the story of how both of our boys came to be. They came about after many tears, many prayers, and many months of crushed hopes. On February 2, 2012, our boys Titus Bauer and Asher Mark were born at just 23 weeks and 2 days gestation. My water around Titus broke at 19 weeks, so his lungs were very underdeveloped. Titus lived 45 minutes and is now living a perfect life in heaven as he watches over his little brother Asher. Two and a half years later God redeemed our story of hurt with a precious full term baby brother for Asher. We are humbled by how the Lord has loved on us in our journey through parenthood.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birth/Coming Home Announcement

We finally got these done! Gosh, this was something I had been waiting a looong time to do. I loved the way they turned out. I'm also including a video of Asher playing with a "lovie" blankie for the first time. He's getting so expressive! I'm also finishing up our version of his baby book. I was looking at the books out there...and well, they all have pages we just couldn't fill out because our story is so different. So, I made him one that fits his story! I will hopefully find a way to post it somehow...

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  1. The birth announcements are just perfect :) Luke LOVES his lovey and always has- I hope Asher's lovey is just as special to him- the video is so sweet!!!
    We look at a picture of Asher every night and pray for him, Luke can point out Asher's picture on our fridge- he loves Asher too!